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Honey Comb Car Vent Diffuser


Our durable car diffusers boast both aesthetic appeal and long-lasting fragrance that is crafted with all natural fragrance oils. Proven to be safer and healthier than synthetic car air fresheners, youll want to add this to your list of car trip essentials!


The 8mL diffuser is pre-filled with your preferred fragrance oil and can typically provide scent for 30-40+ days of use.


Proper usage involves maintaining an upright position, unscrewing the lid, removing the plug with care, placing the vent clip onto the neck of the bottle, and then securely reassembling the wooden lid.


Consider purchasing a pre-filled diffuser or a refill to ensure a constant supply of your preferred car freshener.


Durable metal vent clip can be adjusted to fit most vents. Rubberized coating prevents slipping and scratching.



A wooden lid with reed sticks naturally absorbs oil from the glass reservoir then gradually diffuses the aroma.


Choose Your Fragrance

  • Goal Digger 
  • Island Tings 
  • Booked N Busy 
  • Sophisticated 

Honey Comb Car Vent Diffuser

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