Meet The OWNER

The Face Behind Elevate Honey LLC

Being a woman, naturally I love all things that smell wonderful, whether that be a fragrance inside of a home or a fragrance designed for your body. Being obsessed with body sprays and perfumes so that you can smell your best on any given day is what most women lean towards. Unfortunately items such as these do not give you the benefits of a long lasting aroma. They smell great at first but eventually will fade away as the day progresses. This is where I came up with the idea to create fragrance body oils that are not only elegant and eye catching but also guaranteed to last throughout your day. I Kept the Sophisticated, Booked & Busy, GOAL Digger in mind when creating these custom fragrances so that all women can experience what we have to offer here at Elevate Honey. Hope You Enjoy!


Tiffany Gibson

Owner & Creator Of Elevate Honey LLC